Beachvolleyball = Sport & Party


Beachvolleyball is not just about the sport. It´s also entertainment and party all in one.

Like in no other sport the combination of music, announcement and on-court entertainment plays a hugely influential role in the atmosphere of Beach Volleyball events. It reflects the party mood and feel-good vibe associated with the dramaturgy of the sport and helps bring passion and crowd participation to the next level.

„Incredible! Even a rock-concert doesn’t have this atmosphere.“ David Coulthard

Who runs the show?

Over more than 15 seasons, the Entertainment-Team consisting of DJ Tobi Rudig, his brother and Emcee Flo Rudig and DJ Stari (alias ROODIXX) have created bespoke songs and accompanying actions to support and create the biggest moments during the tournaments‘ matches (e.g. Here Comes The Boom, Monster Block, Super Spike, Ace, Airdrum, Attacke, etc.).

The Entertainment Team also ran the big Beachvolleyball and Volleyball show at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio at Copacabana Beach as well as the current Beach Major Series tournaments, the Beach World Championships in Vienna and is responsible for the FIVB Sports Presenting Music&Sound concept. This included the music and specific choreographed actions for fans to act out in response to specific moments in the match like „Here Comes The BOOM“ or „Monster Block“.